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Renata by Beau Roulette

Follow your bliss

Versatility is the name of my game. As a growing and evolving artist, I like to follow the flow of my natural interests and inclinations always learning as much as possible along the way.

With a career that started in Music assisting Tour Management and a Public Relations Bachelor's Degree, this was step one on the building blocks of my knowledge base.

From a growing interest in Music Videos as well as Filmmaking itself, UCLA was my next natural step where I studied Film Direction, Art Direction as well as Editing. At the same time, I was learning Method Acting and Directing at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute for a wider understanding of the craft.

In 2010 I had gone back to school and was achieving my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and Illustration at Otis College of Art and Design, there, while under an apprenticeship with Nike, I won a Best Female Designer Award and was quickly hired to be a Designer in Innovation at Hurley, their surf focused subsidiary in Costa Mesa, CA.

I was at Hurley for four years where I developed new patents for innovative designs for the SIMA Award winning boardshorts of the brand as well as wetsuits. I also created Hurley's first Technical Jacket Platform designed with surfers in mind, the first of it's kind, sonic welded for further waterproofing, lightweight yet powerful and packable.

In 2014 I was invited to lead the Art Direction on all of Barbie's content at Mattel in El Segundo, CA. There I was responsible for establishing and maintaining overall visual look of each Barbie Entertainment project including character art, environments, props, fashions, hair and make up styles and overall look and feel of the show. There I also worked with cross-functional teams to ensure creative aligned across all touch points, working especially close with the toy design team and design and animation teams.

This opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me, widening my skill set, my contact list as well as my overall sense of project management.

In 2018, after wrapping up the Barbie Dreamhouse series for Netflix, I naturally moved back into music managing the US Alt Pop band The Sway. With them, I work as a one-man record label, from artist development to overseeing recordings and finalizing music, conceptualizing and executing marketing and promo actions, overlooking radio promotion, executive producing all the content from sourcing equipment, crew, talent, locations, catering, transportation, editing, release and distribution.


Now in 2020, I open up a new chapter as I start a big project for character fashion as well as costume design for a very fun and special mystery client. STAY TUNED!

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