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In this second music video for the band The Sway, we stepped into a parallel universe and reinvented the band members as girls as they take over an amusement park in SoCal and start all kinds of trouble. 

This was a fun, excitement filled shoot but also very complex due to the big cast, the number of scenes to shoot as well as the harsh Summer weather conditions, but everyone had a great time and the results are right up there on the screen.

For this video I was responsible for concept, logistics, location scouting, all the production, wardrobe, props, casting, transportation, hiring and overseeing the crew, catering, as well as editing supervision and PR stills.

Here you can see a deck I have put together in pre production to help guide the team as well as keep the park informed of what we were doing, in the end it was a great partnership and we appreciated their help!

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